About us

Our Constituency

The House of Commons is made up of 650 elected Members of Parliament, each one represents a 'constituency', a pre-defined geographic area, usually based on the population. However, some constituencies are not of equal size. Hornchurch and Upminster is the 46th largest constituency in England (out of a total number of 533, as at July 2010) with nearly 79,000 people eligible to vote.

The last Parliamentary election was held on 9th June 2017 and Julia Lopez (née Dockerill) was elected to serve as Member of Parliament for the constituency of Hornchurch & Upminster, a relatively new constituency made up of the former constituency of Upminster (held by Dame Angela since 2001) and a section of the former Hornchurch constituency with the remainder of the electorate transferring into the Romford constituency. 

Our MP

The role of our Member of Parliament (MP), is to represent the electorate of Hornchurch & Upminster in Westminster scrutinising legislation and to assist with issues raised by constituents. This can range from queries relating to official bodies and authorities such as the NHS, HMRC, The Department of Work & Pensions amongst many others. MPs  can offer advice on more local issues relating to the provision of local council services but these are best handled by councillors who are elected to the council to represent their local ward. Our office can give you contact details for the most appropriate person to help with your query if that is not our MP.

Our Association

The Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Association is a membership association formed for the purpose of promoting the views of the Conservative Party and getting Conservative candidates elected to represent the residents of the Constituency at all levels of government. It is managed on a day-to-day basis by an Executive Committee comprising as a minimum a Chairman, two Deputy Chairmen with responsibility for Politics and Membership respectively, and a Treasurer all of whom are elected to their roles at the Association's AGM. Additional members may also be elected or seconded to this committee and at present a Campaign Manager and one ordinary member are also part of the Executive Committee.

The overall governing body of the Association is the Executive Council. This is a larger body which meets twice a year and is responsible for various important functions such as the approval of candidates who want to represent the constituency. It is currently comprised of the following officers:

  • President                                                           Keith Wells
  • Life Vice Presidents                                           Audrey North, MBE and John Stevart
  • Vice Presidents                                                 Terry Monk & Sandy Scott
  • Association Chairman                                        Bob Perry
  • Deputy Chairman, Membership and Finance    Chris Sutton
  • Deputy Chairman, Political                                 Patrick Cartwright 
  • Treasurer                                                            Dominic Swan
  • Minutes Secretary                                               Anne Monk
  • Conservative Club Representative                      Bob Perry
  • Social Media & Marketing                                    Matt Sutton
  • Chair of the local Policy Forum                            Pamela Freer


  • Non-voting attendees at Executive Council meetings are:
  • Member of Parliament                                   Julia Lopez MP
  • London NE Area Chairman or their representative                         
  • MEP Representative                                     Syed Kamall MEP
  • A representative of the Conservative Party Board


The Constituency is divided into 8 wards. Cranham, Emerson Park, Gooshays, Hacton, Harold Wood, Heaton, St Andrews and Upminster.

Cranham Ward

Cranham Ward is in the north east of the Constituency and comprises the parts of Upminster and Cranham north of the Southend to Fenchurch Street railway line plus the Dury Falls estate in Hornchurch. Our representatives in the Ward:

Paul Connew 

Tel.: 0330 0011 247

Email: connewpaul@huccat.uk


Henry Frost

Tel.: 07745 345370

mail: frosthenry@huccat.uk


Emerson Park Ward

The Emerson Park ward is situated to the west of Cranham ward and is bounded in the south by the Upminster to Romford railway line and in the east by the Ingrebourne River. A small part of the ward is north of the Southend Arterial Road and the western boundary abuts the Romford Constituency. This Ward is represented by two Conservative Councillors: Steven Kelly and Roger Ramsey. Roger Ramsey is the current Leader of the Havering Council and Steven Kelly is the former Leader.

Cllr Roger Ramsey

Tel.:01708 432031

Email: roger.ramsey@havering.gov.uk

Bob Perry

Tel.: 07708 350069

Email.: perrybob@huccat.uk

Matt Sutton

Tel.: 07940 007881

Email: suttonmatt@huccat.uk


Gooshays Ward

The Gooshays ward is the northernmost in the Constituency and comprises a large part of the Harold Hill Estate. It is bounded on the northwest by the London/Essex boundary, on the north east by the M25 and on the south east by the A12. To the west is our Heaton ward. The activist team in this ward comprises 

Greg Samuel

Tel.: 07988 688 812

Email: samuelgreg@huccat.uk

Joe Webster

Tel.: 01708782 165

Email: websterjoe@huccat.uk


Hacton Ward

Hacton Ward is roughly triangular. The eastern boundary is the Ingrebourne River, the northern the District Line railway track between Upminster Bridge and Elm Park stations and the south west Coronation Drive and Maybank Avenue. The St George's Hospital is located in this ward. The activist team in this ward comprises:

Poh Foong

Tel.: 07957 861 887

Email: foongpoh@huccat.uk

Izu Nwafor

Tel.:  07711 672 087

Email: nwaforizu@huccat.uk


Harold Wood Ward

Harold Wood ward is roughly triangular stretching from the M25 in the east to Gallows Corner in the West and is between Gooshays and Emerson Park wards. More than half of this ward is rural and it includes the Harold Court and Pages Woods and Tylers Common as well as farmland. Our representatives in this ward:

Michail Koufalitakis

Tel.: 07931 906 121

Email: koufalitakismichail@huccat.uk

Cllr Garry Pain

Tel.: 07958 535 284 

Email: paingarry@huccat.uk

Michael White

Tel.: 07786 738 073

Email: whitemichael@huccat.uk


Heaton Ward

Heaton Ward is bounded to the west by the Romford Constituency, to the east by the Gooshays ward, to the south by the A12 and to the north west by Lower Bedfords Road.  Our representatives in this ward:          

Cllr Wendy Brice-Thompson

Tel.: 07514 457 219


Patrick Cartwright

Tel.: 07949 133 573

Email: cartwrightpatrick@huccat.uk

Keith Wells

Tel.: 07888 871187

Email: wellskeith@huccat.uk


St Andrews Ward

St Andrews Ward is roughly triangular, bounded on the north east by the Upminster to Romford railway line, to the south east by the District Line railway line from Upminster Bridge to Elm Park stations and to the west by Harrow Lodge Park and the Ravensbourne River. It incorporates the Hornchurch town centre.  The activist team in this ward comprises: 

Richard Rimkus

Tel.: 07393 919 244

Email: rimkusrichard@huccat.uk

Chris Sutton

Tel.: 07958 622 627

Email.: suttonchris@huccat.uk

Dominic Swan

Tel.: 07512 182 807

Email: swandominic@huccat.uk


Upminster Ward

This is the easternmost ward in London. It straddles the M25 to include North Ockendon and it also includes the parts of Cranham south of the railway line to Basildon in addition to the Upminster town centre and all of Upminster south of the railway line. It is a largely rural ward and contains the headquarters of the Thames Chase Forest organisation and a number of other publicly-accessible woodlands, the Stubbers Adventure Centre and the Upminster Cemetery.  Our representatives in this ward:

Cllr Frederick Thompson

Tel.: 01708 747 993

Email: thompsonfrederick@huccat.uk

Anastasia Ravenhall

Tel.: 07583 020 936