Conservative Policy Forum

The Conservative Policy Forum is the place where Party members have the chance to get their voices heard by the Party's leaders and contribute to the writing of the next manifesto. There are almost 250 CPF groups in the country and we are pleased to say that Hornchurch and Upminster is one of them. CCHQ send out 9 discussion briefs each year and our group debates the 'topic of the month' and then submits its views to the professional team at CCHQ where they are added to the views of other groups, summarised and sent to the relevant Minister for his information and comment. The Ministerial responses are then available to us. We are free to suggest other topics for discussion or send in our views on topics of our own choosing if we decide to have a purely local discussion..

Our Group meets at our Butts Green Road offices, usually at 19:00 on the third Tuesday evening of each month except December. Members are free to come to any meetings that interest them and there is no charge and no need to book though it would be helpful if you would like to come if you email the office so we can send you a copy of the discussion brief before the meeting so you are prepared for the discussion. For dates of upcoming meetings and information about the topics to be discussed, see box.

Members are encouraged to log on to the CPF's own website and sign up as a CPF member because you will then have the opportunity to list your interests. In this way you can help to ensure that topics discussed are relevant. You will then automatically be invited to CPF regional and national discussions that may be of interest to you. You can reach the CPF by selecting this link - http://www.conservativepolicyforum.com/ 

New Voluntary Director for CPF

On October 08 2015 Hannah David was elected National Voluntary Director of CPF for a three year term . She believes that the CPF needs to grow so that members will know that their views are being heard at the highest level of government. After her election she said: I am delighted to have been elected to the role of National Director of the Conservative Policy Forum. The Forum is perhaps the most important link between ordinary members and the leadership of our party.  I believe passionately that a strong Policy Forum gives our members a sense of belonging to a broader Conservative movement.  When the CPF operates as it should - and its policies make it to Government – our activists feel a sense of ownership and pride in the policies that they are promoting on the doorsteps.

As I look forward to my three year term, I do so with a sense of profound responsibility.  I want to build on the work of those who went before me and grow the CPF as a movement within our Party. My first priority is to build on the infrastructure.  I will work with associations and regions who are not currently active within the CPF to ensure that each and every one of our members can participate.  I will also work with volunteers to ensure that every region has the assistance and resources necessary to build thriving local Forums.  I particularly want to bring more young people into the CPF and have already taken the first tentative steps in integrating our University members into the CPF family.

My Second priority is to increase the influence of the CPF.  I will make sure that I bring relevant experts to the CPF to help guide the process of delivering top-level research papers to Government.  It is essential that the CPF is heard, and I will work hard to ensure that the views of our members are presented professionally and gain the maximum traction.

My time as National Director has just begun and whilst I am eager to hit the ground running, I also want to listen to a broad range of opinions so that we build something that lasts and is genuinely effective.