Our campaign to ensure that Dame Angela was re-elected to represent the constituency in May 2015 was very successful and she was returned to Parliament with a substantial majority.

We are now campaigning hard to keep a Conservative Mayor in City Hall following Boris Johnson's successful two terms in the post, and a Conservative London Assembly Member to replace Roger Evans in representing Havering and Redbridge and then there will the the Referendum over the future of our relations with Europe.

If you are interested in becoming a candidate yourself for any level of government please contact the office and speak to our Chairman, Mr Bob Perry or our Deputy Chairman, Political, Harry Barrington-Mountford.

If you are interested in voting you need to ensure your name is always on the electoral register in case there are unexpected by-elections. The move to individual registration rather than household registration may leave some people off the electoral register so please make sure you are not one of them.

As elections are always held during the week you may want to register for a postal vote so that if it is not convenient for you to go the the polling station on election day you are not disenfranchised. Note that if you register for a postal vote you can still take the postal vote form you will be sent to the polling station if you find that you can, after all, vote in person and would prefer to do so.

If you want to get a postal vote it is very easy. You have to complete and sign a simple form then send it in then you will be registered. You can fill in a form on line or download a form to fill in by hand by following the link to the Electoral Commission website.