Local News

Proposed 20 MPH zone in Upminster

Havering Council is currently consulting on proposals for implementing a 20 MPH zone in St Mary's Lane UIpminster.

Havering Budget Consultation

The Council has to save another £57 million and has made various proposals as to how to do this. Residents have been invited to comment.

Michael Gove Dinner

 Michael Gove guest of honour at Association's Annual dinner

Zac for Mayor

Zac Goldsmith elected to be the Party’s candidate for Mayor of London

London Assembly Elections

We have just selected Keith Prince to be our candidate for the London Assembly in next May's London election.

Party Review

There will be a meeting of all interested members on 16th September to allow the opportunity to make your views known in person rather than just by sending in a response form.

Green Belt Sites

The Havering Council is preparing a Local Plan for each part of the Borough as required buy Central Government. As part of the process landowners were invited to make representations to the Council if they wanted to use their land for a different purpose. A list of such sites has been compiled.