Keith Prince: Raising The Issue of Motorcycle Safety

Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable road users. They only account for 1% of all journeys, but actually account for 26% of all KSI (killed and seriously injured) data. 
Because of this I have been campaigning, with the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), to try and get a better deal for motorcyclists. 
The Mayor has announced a budget of £169million a year, for the next 5 years, to spend on cyclists, but there is no budget for motorcyclists. 
As part of my campaign I recently met with the Night Czar Amy Lamé and MAG at the famous Ace Cafe. 
We spoke about issues regarding motorcycles and the fact that there is very little investment in the safety of motorcyclists. 
We also discussed how important motorcyclists are to the night economy, but also how they are vulnerable, not just in relation to the roads, but also when delivery companies deliver to certain areas they have been subject to a number of attacks, and we discussed ways in which we could make the situation safer for them. 

To that end, I also asked a question at Mayor's Question Time about road safety to find out what he has done about road safety for motorcyclists. He has written to me with a response and also to discuss the ULEZ and how unfair it is for motorcyclists.


Keith Prince, London Assembly Member for Havering and Redbridge


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