Cllr Bob Perry needs your help to tell Parliament what you think of their Brexit Betrayal. 

Brexit Betrayal

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Following last night’s pantomime in the House of Commons, Association Chairman Cllr Bob Perry together with Councillors across the political divide in Havering are incensed at the betrayal of the British people enacted by Parliamentarians to delay or remove no deal from the table. Let’s be clear when we voted to Leave the European Union on 23rd June 2016, our choices were Leave or Remain. We chose to Leave. We did not choose to Leave with a deal. The only way forward for the United Kingdom is to uphold the democratic will of the brave 17.4 million people who voted to Leave.
We would ask for your support to fight this in any possible way, will you support us by adding your name to our petition and showing your solidarity behind leaving the EU on WTO terms.

What Parliament has done by voting to take No Deal away from us is a complete betrayal of the British people. We need your help to reverse that. Please join our campaign.

Thank you for signing our petition.
Get in touch with Bob Perry. Give him a tweet @BobPerr19389309 or send an email to