Share the Facts

If you are interested in the policies proposed by our opponents take a look at the details collected by CCHQ and make your friends and family aware of the dangers these policies pose to us.

Protect yourself and your business from scams

The Metropolitan police have produced two publications to help individuals and small businesses protect themselves from the latest scams. The publications are available free from your local police or by download from the sites listed below.

Thames Crossing Consultation

It has been decided that there need to be more Thames crossings. In 2013 the location of a crossing near to the present Dartford crossing was the subject of public consultations. Now a new set of consultations regarding a crossing closer to central London is beginning.

Dame Angela Re-selected

Dame Angela Watkinson has been re-selected to be the Association's candidate in the 2015 Parliamentary election.

100 Things the Party has done for us

Party co-chairman Grant Shapps MP has compiled a list of 100 great things the Conservative-led government has already delivered for us.

St George's Day

It has become a tradition that we have a street event in Upminster town centre on St George's day every year.

Campaigning in Hornchurch

Throughout the run-up to the 2014 local elections the team have been out in force all over the constituency. The photo shows a few of the team who were out in Hornchurch today.