Save Upminster Police Base

Upminster Police Base is yet another victim of the London Mayor's £110m Police fundng cuts.

Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, Ken Marsh, warned “drug dealing and gang fighting will increase” when the nationwide lockdown is lifted. Most experts believe that as we come out of lockdown, there will be a rise in the volume of crime too.

The base is open to members of the public for community engagement events. The Police also use it as their base before going on patrol in Upminster and Cranham, meaning the base is vital to provide a police presence all year round. Police visibility has never been more critical to our local community.

Keith Prince, Conservative London Assembly Member for Havering and Redbridge says "this is the wrong decision by the Mayor." Keith is campaigning to keep the base open and get a contact centre to report crime in person.

Keith says "Sign our petition, and stand with me to protect our police base."

Upminster Police Base